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When I met Will I had terrible pain and had gone through months of PT with little result. I have herniated discs in my neck and back and just had recovered from hernia surgery. I wanted to get back into shape (after having kids) but was worried about strength training causing more pain or causing my hernia repair to fail. Will worked with me slowly and patiently, but at the same time pushed me enough to start building my confidence in the gym again.  In less than 10 months, Will took me from not being able to lift weights or do a push up to dropping 4 dress sizes, while gaining incredible strength. I’m in my 40s and my body fat percentage dropped into the top 10% for a 21 year old! Need I say more? Well, actually just one more point…somehow Will makes the workouts fun and the hour fly by. I look forward to working out with him each week!
-Tammy F
I was a runner my entire life until I sustained an injury that stopped me from running. I hired Will to come up with a program that could keep me in shape without causing any further issues. Will got me into strength training which I hadn’t been a big fan of in the past. Now I’m doing dead lifts, squats and bench presses on a regular basis. Will is great at explaining everything and making sure my form is correct so I won’t have any further injuries. He also set up a program that I can do on my own in the gym when I’m not training with him. He is very good at his job.
-Dan H
Will was a recommendation from a work colleague who has dramatically changed her body over the course of only a few months.
Personally, I was bored of taking a few fitness classes per week and not seeing any results. I knew I was in need of a new workout routine and Will has helped me create a fun & extremely do-able plan!
My apartment building recently built a small gym in the basement with what looked like scary equipment that I’ve never used before! I needed help figuring out what equipment was best and how to use it. Will came to my building’s gym and created a personal fitness plan that I can realistically do a few times per week. He video-taped me doing the moves so I remember the correct form and explained every move clearly.
When I struggled with doing some of the exercise moves, he showed me easy modifications so I didn’t feel like a failure! I’ve now done Will’s workout plan on my own and I already have the confidence that I can do it a few times per week successfully!
-Allie M